Dover, NH

Growing every day, Dover, New Hampshire is home to restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, and plenty of activities for people of all ages! Downtown Dover is situated along the Cochecho River, while the southern edge of the city connects to Portsmouth along the Piscataqua River by way of Newington. Only 10 miles from Portsmouth, Dover is a thriving city home to many young professionals and growing families.

Things to Do in Dover, New Hampshire

In this up-and-coming city, you’ll find new-wave restaurants that bring culinary excellence to Dover. Talented local artists and a range of gifted musicians add to the cultural diversity of this New Hampshire city, while offering plenty of causal fun for kids of all ages. Pop into the Children’s Museum or Woodman Institute, before taking the fun outdoors for a walk at Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Enjoy a picnic at one of two of Dover’s scenic waterfront parks (Henry Law Park or Hilton Park), or hit the trails for a bike ride along the Heritage trails or the scenic Dover Community trails. Pop a kayak into the Cochecho River, or cast your rod to fish in one of the many waterways!

Pop by the farmers market in the warmer months, and be sure to shop at and enjoy wholesome foods from the healthy eateries and marketplaces throughout the city. Don’t miss Dover Art Walk, which takes place on the first Friday of the month, or take in an annual festival like fall’s popular Apple Harvest Day! If you’re around in July or August, head to the Cochecho Arts Festival for live music, theatre, art and more!

Dover’s brick industry lead to an abundance of beautiful brick buildings and mill buildings that are still around today—many of which have been renovated and transformed into apartments, retail and office spaces. Take a stroll through Dover’s downtown area and admire the beautiful 100+ year-old buildings.


Cochecho River

Henry Law Park

Hilton Park