Kellsanns (an independent graphic design business based in Dover, New Hampshire) is very near and dear to us, because so much of Seacoast Lately wouldn’t be possible with out the incredible skill and hard work our dear friend Kelly Goodwin has contributed over the years. 

Kelly is the creative who helps us create our summer maps of the Seacoast, our logo, and so many of the beautiful graphics you see on our website! She is well-versed in logo design, branding, and printed material—we’re confident you will love working with her, and will be so impressed with her talent! Kelly is the real deal when it comes to graphic design. She offers quick turnaround because she loves what she does, and she always goes the extra mile. If she isn’t sure how to do something (which is rare), or is having trouble navigating a certain design element, Kelly never gives up, and always finds a way to make design dreams happen. 

One of the hardest-working, most loyal individuals we know, we feel so grateful to know Kelly and have the opportunity to work with her time and time again!