Kennebunkport + Kennebunk, ME

Where the rocky coast meets the charming architecture of New England…

Step foot in Dock Square in Kennebunkport, Maine, and you may feel like you’ve just jumped into a postcard. Surrounded by traditional New England architecture, mom and pop shops, and natural charm, this town square is quintessential Maine at its finest.

But don’t let the Kennebunks’ quaint appearance fool you! This is a part of Maine where upscale restaurants, tastefully curated shops, and modern amenities reign, steering far from the souvenir shop vibe. Charming resorts, bed and breakfasts, and beautiful, locally-owned boutique hotels weave along the Atlantic Ocean, and are sure to gracefully ground you in an easy, breezy, vacation mood.

Things to Do in Kennebunkport + Kennebunk, ME

Kennebunkport is a wonderful area for outdoor activities ranging from beach yoga and surfing, to cycling and walking in the Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve. Kennebunkport also sits along the Kennebunk River, a calm waterway ideal for kayaking and paddle boarding. From town, you can easily walk to the marina to hop on a boat of your own or sail among the many chartered boats that offer public group excursions.

The Kennebunks is where the fun is at! In the off-season, the town hosts many beloved events like the popular Christmas Prelude during the holidays, and “Paint the Town Red” events during Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss the Kennebunkport Festival that happens every June too! More and more small businesses are staying open longer into the fall, and the towns never shut down entirely due to snowy Maine winters. In the off-season, enjoy spa days, more happy hours, cozying up by the fireplace at your favorite inn, and cross-country skiing on snow-covered golf courses!

Kennebunk is a classic New England downtown (situated a few miles inland from the coast), that offers fine dining options, boutiques, and one of our favorite local bakeries! In the winter, be sure to check out the complimentary ice rink that pops up in the center of town every year.

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Dock Square

Parsons Beach

Kennebunk Beach

Cape Porpoise Harbor

Goose Rocks Beach

Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge