A gazebo in the center of town. A beautiful waterfall and stream trickling to the Exeter River. Brick buildings lining Main Street. Welcome to the picturesque New England town of Exeter, New Hampshire!

Exeter is a clean, calm, easy-going town, sprinkled with healthy eating spots, locally-owned shops, and upscale restaurants. 

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Things to Do in Exeter, New Hampshire

What first drives us to Exeter, is the fact that it has a lovely downtown area that’s enjoyable all 12 months of the year. On top of the small town charm, there are also historic and modern family homes, farms, and outdoor areas! These spots are perfect for locals and visitors to hop on bikes, or run in the wood-sy outdoors! We definitely recommend frequent visits! 

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A charming area to raise a family, Exeter has everything you need in its small radius. Experience marketplaces, yoga studios, spa services, garden shops, and more! As soon as fall arrives, drive to pick apples at a local orchard! During the summer months, enjoy a picnic on Swasey Parkway! And then spend the afternoon by the ocean at Hampton Beach—it’s only a few miles away!

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Exeter is located about 25 minutes from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and close to neighboring towns of Greenland and Stratham, New Hampshire.

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In the summer months, it’s also a treat to visit the weekly farmers market, enjoy annual festivals, and take in live music at the gazebo. The town of Exeter certainly has decades of beautiful history and stunning architecture. 

In the mood for a larger taste of city life? Hop on the highway 20 miles north to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Or ride the Amtrak Downeaster train from Exeter to Boston’s North Station—you’ll arrive within an hour!