The DRIPBaR was created with the goal of helping people obtain their best health using the latest advances in IV vitamin therapy, through the extensive menu of Lifestyle and Health Support Drips. Whether you are already in good health and want to stay that way, or are fighting an illness or chronic disease, The DRIPBaR offers something unique for everyone’s personal wellness goals!

For those who don’t have time for a drip, The DRIPBaR offers IM Quick Shots, which are intramuscular injections to the delt or glute—delivering a quick boost in about 5 minutes. Benefits include healthy skin, energy, weight loss support and detoxification. All drips and quick shots are administered by highly skilled Registered Nurses, under the direction of a Licensed Medical Director. Additionally, and included with all of memberships, The DRIPBaR offers dry salt sauna, infrared sauna, and red light therapy.