Derived from a lifelong passion for nature, ROOT ROT Plant & Nature Shop is an ever-evolving celebration of the natural world surrounding us, putting emphasis on bringing elements from the outdoors in.

Boutique Owners Steven and David love to educate customers on both flora and fauna, because having grown up in the woods of New Hampshire; nature has always been deeply integrated into their lives. The love for bones and plants all started as a child with stumbling upon deer bones amongst ferns in the forest. From that moment, the love for the more unusual aesthetic of nature has played an essential role in the shop. Still driven by that childhood passion for natural history and botany, Steven and David love to see their customers “greening up” their own spaces and finding time for nature in their daily lives. Throughout the carefully curated shop guests will find a plethora of unique items that will beautifully assist in incorporate nature in your home. From shimmering minerals and handcrafted goods, to lush greenery and so much more, the ROOT ROT duo carefully selects small batch products from artisans around the country and world to enhance the quality of products and connection to nature they offer. 

Steven and David strive to bring their customers a consistently changing and growing stock of unique plants and natural items. They work with various growers each week to ensure the healthiest and the best variety of plants they can provide. They also pride themselves on providing our customers with ethically sourced items from nature as well. 

So, pop into this East Hampstead boutique at 265 East Main Street, and get ready to be swept off your feet!


Monday: CLOSED

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Wednesday: 11-5pm

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Saturday: 11-5pm

Sunday: 11-4pm