Tennis elbow? Arthritis? Nerve pain? Meet OrthoLazer. Portsmouth’s new orthopedic laser center is here to treat patients who are struggling with chronic pain. Using exclusive robotic laser therapy to treat pain and inflammation, OrthoLazer’s services are noninvasive and completely safe.
Located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire just a few miles from downtown, OrthoLazer serves the entire Seacoast community. Laser therapy is a great alternative to steroid injections and opioids, and can help delay surgery in certain instances. It’s even proven to be helpful before and after surgery to make the pre-operation and post-operation healing as smooth as possible. Many patients find that this form of treatment dramatically improves their level of pain and increases functionality.

In addition to providing excellent services to aid our bodies back to health, Kerry, LeeAnn, and the OrthoLazer team offer exceptional customer service, and truly care about each and every patient that walks through the doors. From compassionately answering any questions and concerns patients may have, to sharing sound advice and guidance every step of the way, the OrthoLazer team is on our side. Click here to learn more about OrthoLazer, and to read patient testimonials!