Cold Current Kelp

Have you heard?? Seaweed can do incredible things for our skin. Let’s learn more from our local experts!!

Cold Current Kelp is a kelp farm and skincare company located in Kittery, Maine. Women-owned and operated, co-founders Krista Rosen and Inga Potter grow seaweed locally for use in Cold Current Kelp’s skincare products. Long time friends and Mainers, Krista and Inga started the company because they are passionate about the many health and environmental benefits of regeneratively farmed seaweed (learn more about this process here). It’s good for the planet, and great for your skin!

Made with their farm’s kelp extract and a blend of clean, safe and nourishing organic oils, Cold Current Kelp’s signature KelpGlow Facial Oil (available in “Citrus” and “Fragrance Free“) delivers impossibly soft, hydrated skin, a smooth feel, and a luminous, healthy glow.

A few fun details about Cold Current Kelp…

1). All of the farming work is done by the Cold Current Kelp team—right here on the coast of Kittery, Maine!! Growing kelp benefits the marine environment and is good for the ocean.

2). The brand’s signature Facial Oils are available through Cold Current Kelp’s website and social media channels, and will soon appear in certain Seacoast Maine and New Hampshire stores!

3). Kelp skincare is amazing because it’s hydrating, age-defying, brightening, soothing, and is full of antioxidants.