With Southern Maine Skin Company…

“Peels” seem to be a trendy topic in the skincare world these days but what exactly ARE they and why is this a good time of year to schedule an appointment??

Lexie from Southern Maine Skin Company shares the inside skinny with us…

“Peeling” is essentially deep exfoliation. When your skin peels or flakes after a treatment, your skin is shedding dead or damaged surface cells and revealing new, healthy skin cells on the surface. This action is called “cell turnover”.

After your service, you won’t necessarily experience visible peeling, though sometimes you may. Everyone experiences different levels of peeling, dependent upon skin type, resilience, type of peel and the number of layers applied. 

Fall, Winter and Spring are the best months to get a peel. Why? The colder months allow us to avoid direct sunlight post-peel and heal correctly!

Peels are easy to work into a busy lifestyle. There is no downtime with PCA SKIN chemical peels—you’ll leave your appointment with a healthy glow and able to carry on with your regular activities.

To enjoy your glowing, healthy complexion, book your appointment below.

Thank you, Lexie!