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This week, we chatted with Danielle Hornsby of Seacoast Sports Clubs to learn more about their January fitness challenge that starts on January 21!

What are the “Fit Games”?
The “Fit Games” is an eight-week fitness contest full of challenges with the goal of changing bodies and the way people move. Whether you create a team or sign up individually, you will have a coach who will hold your team accountable while encouraging and motivating each team member. At the end of the challenge, the individual and the team with the most points wins!
Many people haven’t found a type of exercise they enjoy, and many are overwhelmed by different diets and nutrition advice surrounding them. This program is set up to help people make a permanent shift in their lifestyle. If they stick with it for 8 weeks, they will establish healthy habits to create permanent and positive changes in their lifestyles!
Who can participate?
Anyone – members and nonmembers! We’ve had every age and fitness level accomplish great success with this program!
What are some added benefits of participating in the Fit Games?
The camaraderie! When you have the backing of a coach and a team, many feel they push themselves so much further than they normally would on their own. I’ve seen incredible friendships that have developed and carried on far beyond the Fit Games.
Okay, we want to be inspired… What did last year’s winner accomplish?
Last year’s winner inspires me daily. She went from exercising on her own, frustrated with her results, to losing 20.5″! She came in every single day and put in the time, because she saw other people doing the same. She fed off the other participants in the Fit Games, and blew everyone away with her transformation. Since the fit games, she’s continued on with her healthy lifestyle and even found love! I’m so proud of what she accomplished and how happy she is as a result.
For more information, click here, or contact Danielle (danielle@seacoastsportsclubs.com)!
Photos by Raya on Assignment.