Are you ready to dig in? To take the next step toward healthy, seasonal eating? To become a more energetic, happier you?

Dig In: Real Food Solutions is here to help!


    Dig In is a seacoast-based healthy eating resource that inspires people to live well-balanced, healthy lives. This local and online business offers four, eight-week programs each year (The winter program begins this week!) that include a variety of recipes and video cooking classes, which provide kitchen tricks and explanations of the health benefits of a variety of foods. Dig In also offers classes and workshops here on the seacoast…stay tuned on the events page for the ‘when and where’. Dig In is a valuable, playful, resource with goals to help individuals reach their full potential toward living a healthier life. I’m getting hungry just looking at these photos…


How did Dig In come to be?

Dig In began three years ago at Blue Moon Evolution in Exeter, New Hampshire. As the story goes, Kath, the owner, saw a sweet little girl with a smoothie mustache one summer day. She got to talking with the girl’s mother, Tracey, about their shared passion for healthy eating and their desire to bring a community resource to the seacoast; Dig In was born.

Dig In first launched under a different name, and was focused solely on the seacoast. After a few years and a crazy amount of work, this four-person, female-driven team has brought Dig In to the next level; it now allows anyone in the world to sign up for its online program.

The team behind Dig In was so kind to share one of their quick and tasty snack recipes… I just made these and I’m hooked!



Dates with Nut Butter
(Serves 6)

1). 6 jumbo Medjool dates, pitted and cut in half

2). ½ cup your choice of nut butter: almond, peanut or cashew

3). Maple syrup for drizzling

4). Sea salt, to taste

– Lay halved dates on a plate. With a butter knife, carefully spread nut butter on the inside of each half. Drizzle with maple syrup and top each piece with a sprinkle of sea salt.

It’s easy, tasty, and I can’t get enough!


*Photos c/o Dig In.