Waddytoots is an online haven for women and children who appreciate quality goods with a playful and artistic flare. Some of the cuter-than-cute items you’ll come across in this online boutique include children’s clothing, locally-made jewelry, gifts for kids and babies, and more!

The Dover-based business’ intent is to create a small space on the world wide web that makes you feel comfortable being a totally honest version of yourself. Shop, read, chat, laugh, and most importantly, enjoy!

The word Waddytoot comes from owner Hallie Thompson’s father being unable to say the word bathing suit as a little boy. Beyond being totally adorable, Hallie realized that each and every one of us has that word or name that we just couldn’t pronounce as tiny little toots. Waddytoots represents the cuteness that glows from within your little one and that tiny shred of innocence that still lives inside even the most grown of adults. We are all Waddytoots!