Nestled in the heart of Portsmouth’s West End neighborhood is the Seacoast’s newest consignment shop—The Co.Co.! Started by two dear friends, Portsmouth locals, fashionistas, and eco-friendly humans Amy and Kelly set out to create a beautiful shop for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes! Step into The Co. Co. (short for “Consignment Company”) and you’ll be welcomed by a beautiful array of well-organized, gently-used clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories at affordable prices. With a commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment by recycling and reusing our clothing, Amy and Kelly are adding a welcome dose of “eco-chic” to our community and we’re all about it! Plus, you have to check out the vintage (recycled) doors in the dressing rooms! 

If you have clothing searching for a new and loving closet to live in, learn how to drop of your items at The Co.Co. here!

FUN FACT: Amy and Kelly of The Co. Co. also own Sweet Pea consignment shop for children just a few doors down! 

Happy shopping!