Squamscott Winery

Founded in 2011 with just 28 vines, Squamscott Vineyard & Winery in Newfields, New Hampshire is now a 2,400+ vine vineyard that not only offers a variety of high-quality bottled local wines, but educational opportunities, event spaces, and a beautiful historic atmosphere in which to taste, sample, and purchase wines! 

With environmentally-friendly and minimally-invasive techniques used throughout the winemaking process, Squamscott Winery offers low sulfite, no added sugar, vegan estate wines of the highest-caliber. The team cares about sustainable farming methods, handpicking grapes, and the importance of quality over speed when it comes to production, resulting in well-rounded, top notch products.

The Blue Heron Wines made by Squamscott Vineyard & Winery are handcrafted with different grape varieties than you might typically find in New Hampshire. All the wines you enjoy from here are made with grapes that are grown on property to create 100% vegan wines on-site with zero carbon footprint.