Small Batch Wellness

Meet Meg—she’s a nutritionist who serves postpartum families for an entire year after childbirth through her business, Small Batch Wellness! What does that mean exactly? We’re glad you asked!!

Being in the nutrition field and recently going through pregnancy and postpartum herself, Meg realized mothers need unique support that is often missing from our fast-paced, bounce-back world. Small Batch Wellness focuses on a holistic approach that offers deeper healing, so new mothers have the opportunity to fully rest, bond, and replenish. Using time tested healing foods and herbs, combined with modern day knowledge of nutrition and science, Meg’s approach is focused on nourishing and supporting this profound change in a woman’s life by using a personalized food as medicine approach, and promoting deep rest to balance postpartum depletion. We like your style, Meg!  

Meg’s services include everything from in-home cooking for the new mom, preparing your kitchen for a restorative (and well stocked) postpartum, recipe curation, shopping lists, meal planning, as well as full postpartum care plans. She loves working alongside doulas and other mothering professionals to create a truly supported postpartum.

While she’s always furthering her education in all things postpartum, Meg is also available for group workshops, seminars and classes, and loves collaborating on all professional levels.

Whether you’re looking for a wonderful postpartum resource for yourself, or for a standout gift for a new mom—Small Batch Wellness offers a variety of useful services both locally on the Seacoast and virtually for mamas anywhere.