Join the Fit640 community—GET FIT and HAVE FUN!! Learn about two of Fit640’s popular programs that are fit for all ages and fitness levels!

SmartFit640 demystifies the most important Pillar of Fitness—strength and resistance training—through instructor or video-led, small group classes. Want to build muscle, get tight, gain strength and mobility all without injury? Just show up with your game and the team will guide you every step of the way.

BURN640: Everyone can relate to Cardio—the second pillar of fitness—but few have tried the hottest and most unique circuit on the Seacoast. Your inner badass comes out just because you stepped into the red-lit, energy filled studio. Epic, curated playlists and qualified, inspired instructors push you through 6 intervals for a cardio experience like no other- all in 36 minutes!

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*NEW CLASS*! BSTRONG combines Strength & Cardio in 50 minutes!

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