Sustainability is a buzz word these days and it’s a word that plays such a big role in our everyday lives. Whether we’re taking our morning coffee on the go in a reusable mug, or paying close attention to the ingredients and materials used in the products we consider purchasing—there is so much to be thoughtful about.

 Let’s take care of the earth while giving stylish, functional items to our loved ones this holiday season. 

Hellooo eco-friendly Christmas!


In addition to providing natural, clean-burning candles, Kennebunkport, Maine-based candle company, Sea Love Candles, sources all materials through suppliers who provide eco-friendly alternatives to packing, production, and fulfillment! These phthalate-free candles are safe for skin, babies, and pets. So many wins!
FUN ECO-FRIENDLY FACT: All of Sea Love Candles’ jars can be repurposed! Just soak jars in hot water and use them for decoration, small planters (air plants are a fave!), cocktail glasses, and in any other creative way you can think up!


Awwwwww!!! Are these not the sweetest little slippers you’ve ever seen?? We’re in love! Felted by hand by female artists in Nepal, these slippers are sustainably-made in small batches with 100% natural wool and a non-slip suede sole. Bye-bye cold feet. Hello HAPPY FEET! 

Available in light gray in three sizes at MULTIXPLY (in store and in person) for $56.


They’re colorful. They’re stylish. They’re cute as can be, and they save single-use plastics left and right! What more could you ask for for your reusable to-go cup?? Honestly, we’re not sure—these Corkcicle products are perfection in our eyes. Browse Gus & Ruby’s beautiful selection of reusable water bottles, tumblers, and canteens—available in-store and online.


Hay may be for horses, but HAY STRAWS are for humans—those who want to make a difference and be kind to Mother Earth in a really cute way! Hay Straws are simple, 100% biodegradable, and reusable—perfect for picnics and cocktail parties. Boxes are available at Farm + TableFUN FACT: These straws are also gluten-free!


They’re washable…they’re verrrrry cool-looking…and they’re so durable that they hold up like leather…but they’re paper!! MIND. BOGGLING. These sturdy-chic bags from Fitz & Bennett Home are available in three sizes, and can be used time and time again for a variety of purposes—as planters, as bread baskets, as catch-alls… The list goes on!


Bee’s wrap is washable, reusable, compostable, and a natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. AND… it’s pretty!! Wrap up cheese, half a lemon, the end of a bread loaf, and fruits and veggies, then place your happily-wrapped foods in the fridge for safekeeping! Made with organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Made in Vermont. Sold at Part & Parcel in Maine.


Have you ever heard of a laundry stain stick before?? We sure hadn’t, but we’re so excited to learn about these tiny powerhouses when it comes to stain removal! Who knew? Whether you’re presented with set-in stains or fresh stains, these 2oz unscented, coconut oil-based stain sticks work wonders! No harsh chemicals here! Perhaps you’ll want to peek at other laundry products from Soulshine Soap Co. as well…


Reusable totes aren’t just for the market anymore—they can be used for approximately four million things!! These Baggu Totes from Part & Parcel can easily go everywhere with you because they hold quite a bit of weight (up to 50 pounds!) while being super lightweight. They are also easy to carry and store, and come in such fun and colorful colors that you’ll never want to leave them behind! Can you reaaaallllly have too many reusable totes??


To be, or not to be, or to Bee-Raw…wait. How does it go again?? This buzz-worthy business is on a mission to save endangered bees and to promote sustaina-bee-lity (a stretch of a pun, we know) which is crucial to our planet. Tayla Mac Boutique sells a variety of Bee Raw honey products in its Kittery, Maine boutique.


YAY! The Final Straw has made its way to Maine!! This handy and extremely versatile straw is on a mission to change the amount of single-use plastics consumed, and in quite a stylish way, we might add! They’re bendable, reusable, and even come with carrying cases! $25 each, online and in-store, at Daytrip Society.


Created under the guiding principles of Japanese remedies, these individual hand-made soaps are created entirely with earth-friendly ingredients. With beautiful colors and creative designs, each bar of soap is unique, one-of-a-kind, and so beautiful that you may just want to keep it in your shower forever!! Available at Tayla Mac Boutique.


Melissa & Doug toys are a customer favorite at Diversions, and these sweet kids’ puzzles are no exception! A variety of puzzle themes are available at Diversions Puzzles & Games, and each one is crafted with recycled paper and soy-based ink. Cheers to hands-on, screen-free play time!


We love these colorful to-go tumblers from White Heron Tea & Coffee, which are insulated and made with stainless steel. With a silicon straw attachment, these 16oz tumblers can be used for hot or cold bevvies on the go. The best part?? When you purchase this tumbler, it also comes with a free beverage!! Helllllooooo gingerbread latte with oat milk and extra whipped cream!!!

crow t-shirt


Designed and hand-printed with eco-friendly, water-based ink in Hearth & Harrow’s Maine studio, these crow tees are made with US organic and recycled fibers, and sewn in Haiti! Fun Fact: Each shirt contains six recycled plastic bottles!

Sustainable. Eco-friendly. Local. Global. And a real crow(d) pleaser! 

Happy Shopping!