Seacoast Interior Designer Lisa Teague has exciting news to share!! 

Read our interview below to learn about her newly rebranded business—Lisa Teague, Upcoast Design!

Lisa, will you briefly share your design career to this point? 

I started my design career as a decorative painter. I did quite a bit of work in Europe, and was trained in old world techniques using heavy oil glazes. Though oil paint is beautiful, there are health issues that often arise when working with them often. Because of this, I started to do more design work to try to take a little time off from painting. It wasn’t long before interior design became the primary piece of my business. Still today, I emphasize original art, layered textiles, and custom color into my interior design work.

You are changing your name to Upcoast Design and just moved to a brand new location!! Tell us about this new chapter and what sparked a change. 

I loved my market street studio in downtown Portsmouth, but felt it was time to move down to street level so that we would have the opportunity for some light retail. We haven’t opened up this piece of our business quite yet, but will start adding some product in the spring. Just a short walk from our old space, our new studio space (a short walk from Portsmouth’s West End) is a new neighborhood for me. It has been fun to discover new places in a town I’ve lived in for over a decade!

Where is your new studio? How is it different than your previous downtown studio? 

Our new studio is now located at 51 Islington Street in Portsmouth. Our old studio had a lot of industrial charm, and this space is in a relatively new building so it feels a little more fresh and modern. It’s very different than any space I’ve ever been in before, but I delight now in amenities like air-conditioning, big, clean windows and a space that has to be very organized due to the petite size.

How would you describe your personal design style? Do you specialize in certain areas of design? 

My personal style is pretty eclectic. I like to mix clean, modern lines with antique architectural elements. There is a heavy emphasis on original art in my home. As far as my aesthetic for my clients, I take pride in an ability to really design to the client. I work hard to get to know my clients so that we can create a space that is reflective of their personal taste rather than my own.

Photo: Jimmy White.

Are there any particularly exciting projects you’re currently working on? 

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to design and create on a daily basis, and to work in an industry I am truly passionate about. We are currently finishing a beautiful contemporary home in the Berkshires designed by an architect I admire very much. We just started working on a historic Inn near Mt. Monadnock, and are currently completing a beautiful home on the water in Rye.

Thank you for sharing your exciting next steps with us, Lisa. We are excited to continue following your beautiful work on Facebook and Instagram!