Whether you’re looking to create the perfect restful retreat for yourself, or impress guests with a comfy, cozy bed when they arrive for the holidays, Summer House Furnishings is here to make our sleepytime dreams come true!

Here’s how to create a comfy, functional, and beautiful bed in your home:

1.First we start with sheets. Most often we opt for a set that has a detail (usually embroidered) on the top sheet.

2.If the season calls for it, add a blanket over the sheets, and follow with a coverlet or matelassé (great options for milder temps). If it’s winter in New England, you may prefer to add a comforter and duvet, or a quilt instead.

3.Now it’s time to add the pillows! We like to add a couple of layers of pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes. We suggest placing your ‘sleeping pillows’ against the headboard, and then covering them with stylish “Euro Pillows”. Euro pillows are square in shape (2 for a queen size, and 3 for a king sized bed) and taller than the standard decorative sham which will come next. Top off the pillow layering with a smaller decorative pillow in front of the shams, and you’ll have a very welcoming scene to walk into at night!

4.Top off your freshly-made bed with a color-coordinated textured throw. Set this at the foot of the bed just in case you curl up for a cozy nap! 

5.Voilà—your bed has been thoughtfully and beautifully transformed into a dreamy escape! If you have any questions about bedding and styling, give us a ring or pop by our Rye, New Hampshire boutique—we would love to chat with you!