Every year we get a little bit giddy for The Music Hall’s annual Kitchen Tour. Ashleigh Tucker Pollock of The Music Hall gives us the inside scoop on what we can expect from this year’s tour!

For those of us who have never attended, tell us about the Kitchen Tour!!

Kitchen Tour is The Music Hall’s annual fundraising event which showcases state-of-the-art kitchens on the Seacoast on Mother’s Day Weekend. Attendees are welcomed inside multiple local homes to view dream kitchens of all shapes and sizes! The event benefits The Music Hall’s outreach and education programs.

This is your 28th year hosting this annual event. What can we expect from this year’s tour?

This year, expect 11 incredible—and sometimes surprising—kitchens with clever features, breathtaking views, and beautiful designs.  

In which neighborhood of Portsmouth will the tour take place?

We’re returning to downtown Portsmouth this year, and homes are located from State Street to Maplewood Avenue.

Any tips or recommendations from an insider?

Be sure to wear good walking shoes and bring a pen to take notes (You aren’t able to take photos, but you’ll find a notes section in your guidebook.). Bring design questions too, as the craftsmen, artisans, designers, and architects who created the kitchens will be on-site throughout the day!

Any favorite homes, or parts of homes, in your opinion?

This tour features a variety of unique homes—from historic houses to brand-new condos. You’ll see some luxurious textures on view this year including kitchens with sparkling countertops, mirrored tiles, hammered brass, and even pebble wallpaper!

All of the kitchens are gorgeous—some have a more classic aesthetic, and others are a little over the top!

Thank you Ashleigh for sharing the inside skinny on this year’s Kitchen Tour with us!