Let’s be honest…real life isn’t perfect.

Perfect is boring.

Real life is messy and complicated.

This is a motto local photographer, Danielle MacInnes, uses to describe her work—a unique, raw, and authentic approach to family photos where there’s no pretending, no matching outfits, and no recreating images we see on Pinterest.

What initially drew us to Danielle was how she focuses on capturing the honest, raw moments of real life. Read on to learn more about Danielle’s unique approach to photography and how she captures families via documentary family photography.

What is documentary family photography?

Documentary family photography is unscripted. It’s about anticipating moments rather than orchestrating them. It’s about showing what your life FEELS like, not what it LOOKS like, so you never forget the hilarious, unique, and endearing personalities that make your family unique. It’s about embracing both the beauty AND the chaos.

It’s your real life…#unfiltered.

How exactly are you able to catch these unplanned moments?

I come to your house (or another favorite location) and document the authentic stories that unfold naturally during our time together—it could be your normal daily routine, an activity like playing board games, baking together, or cutting down your Christmas tree! My job is to observe and document you, without directing or manipulating the scene.

Before your session, we’ll communicate a lot so you don’t feel like you’re jumping into the unknown when shoot day rolls around. You’ll also fill out a fun questionnaire to help you begin thinking about some of the details you want me to capture. Each session is tailored to fit each family, so no two sessions are ever the same!

Thank you, Danielle, for being different, and for capturing all our authentic weirdness!

Interested in having Danielle capture your family’s unique selves? Get in touch with her to plan your photo shoot.