Looking for a snazzy spot to enjoy your morning joe or camp out afternoon work sesh? Saxby’s in Durham, New Hampshire has everything coffee shop dreams are made of—from flavorful lattes and tasty treats, to comfy seating and reliable internet!

When Saxby’s first opened in Durham in August 2016, we chatted with Saxby’s founder Nick Bayer, to get the inside skinny on this east coast business that was just named one of INC Magazine’s “500 Fastest Growing Businesses” for the second year in a row. Take it away Nick!


When did you start Saxbys and what was your drive behind starting a coffee shop? 

I started Saxbys in 2005 with our first café in Atlanta, GA. I yearned to create a gathering place where people of all walks of life felt welcomed – both through memorable hospitality and enjoyable employment. Despite not being a huge coffee drinker then – versus my current 4-shot-iced americano habit – I fell in love with the diversity of and low barrier to the coffee shop industry.

Saxbys is both a coffee and hospitality company. I want employees working at Saxbys, whether at the café or the HQ in Philly, to be a rewarding experience for everyone. Our mission is to “Make Life Better” and when our C.E.O.’s (Café Executive Officers), baristas, and other team members serve a guest, we strive for that experience to be one of the best parts of their day. We’re not just brewing coffee – we are providing an uplifting experience AND great coffee. It’s all about putting a smile on someone’s face; that’s an amazing way to “work.”


Saxbys has over 20 locations. Why did Saxbys decide to bring a café to Durham? 

Our team is thrilled to bring the Saxbys experience to Durham! Durham is a charming town with great neighbors, including our friends at UNH. The university community has been extremely welcoming and we look forward to growing our partnership in years to come.

The Durham café’s C.E.O., Trisha Crowe, is a graduate of UNH’s hospitality management program; she’ll put everything she learned toward serving the community that she has been a part of and loved for years. As a company that empowers our C.E.O.’s to be entrepreneurial, we know Tricia and the team she is building will be an amazing community partner to UNH and the greater Durham community.

Opening Saxbys’ locations in college towns seems to be a trend. What do you find appealing about this approach?

Many of our campus locations are actually part of the experimental learning program Saxbys facilitates. Through a partnership with a college or university, we give students the opportunity to develop the team, create community partnerships and have full Profit & Loss responsibility – for full academic credit. It’s a one of a kind experience that prepares Student C.E.O.’s to not only get a job, but be prepared to excel early in their careers.

What is Saxbys known for? 

Saxbys is known for our people truly being our product, but of course, we have incredible coffee too. We pride ourselves on creating a menu full of delicious craft drinks and quality food options that make guests feel good and want to continue coming back to our cafes.

The commitment we have to the communities that we call home is a huge part of who we are as a company. As a community-centric organization, Saxbys pursues every opportunity to help and support those around us, whether it is by raising money, donating coffee and food, or hosting an event for a local non-profit. Our team loves to offer a helping hand.

Through our partnership with UNH, we have established the Saxbys First Generation Scholarship Fund. It will provide financial support for a student pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management from UNH’s Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. Anyone who wants to pursue higher education should be able to. It feels good to help play a part in making that dream come true.


What is the most popular item on the menu? What is YOUR favorite item?

Hands down, the Milk and Honey Cold Brew is the most popular item on the menu, though the Groothie is a close second. My favorite is the Iced Americano – 4 shots of Saxbys espresso over a cup full of ice!

When we visit your Durham, New Hampshire location, what can we expect? 

An incredible, uniquely designed café built specifically for the Durham and UNH community…warm woods, a comfortable aesthetic, and a vibrant, colorful mural from local artist Sam Malpass. The design and vibe of the café will be magnified by the energetic and hospitable team members – armed with endless smiles and a ready-to-please attitude.


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Nick! We can’t wait to visit!