Is your home constantly begging you for new pieces of furniture?? Same here! It feels like every time I arrive home, the living room starts asking me if we can add a new chair here or some new counter stools there. Well friends, we’re in luck because next week, Weekender House will host an event with exclusive furniture sales and discounts galore!

Without further ado, the Weekender House team shares the inside skinny on its upcoming LEE LOVES LOCAL event which begins Wednesday, February 20!

What is the Lee Loves Local event all about?

Lee Industries launched a marketing campaign and community initiative in 2014 to support its retailers across the US and celebrate the communities in which they operate. The goal is for retailers to host events that attract shoppers and cross-promote other local businesses in the community.

Can you tell us a little bit about Lee Industries?

Lee Industries is a North Carolina-based custom upholstery company who is a leader in environmentally-friendly manufacturing. We love the company’s mission and top-quality products.

Where and when will the event be held this year?

Weekender House will offer a discount on custom Lee orders placed with us from February 20-27. Our big event will take place on Saturday, February 23, when we will host local home design experts here in our showroom to talk about their specialties.

We are so excited to partner with the following local businesses at Saturday’s event:

 Amy Dutton Home.

Seacoast Dwellings.

Seagate Studio.

Lafayette Shades.

Susan Durling Kitchen Design.

Jen Croteau Wallpaper Installations.

Katherine Perrin Feng Shui Design.

Why do you think it’s important to shop locally?

Shopping locally and supporting independent businesses directly supports our neighbors and community. Putting money back into the communities in which we live only helps our community grow stronger and more vibrant. We are grateful to everyone who chooses to shop here at Weekender House and at our fellow Seacoast businesses.

Weekender House is located in Portsmouth’s West End. What do you value most about being situated in this area of town?

It has been amazing to see this neighborhood grow and develop over the past several years that Weekender House has been in business here. The West End is our own little downtown outside of the official downtown area of Portsmouth. We have so many wonderful business neighbors in the area that add a real feeling of community. Chinburg Properties recently transformed the old Frank Jones brewery buildings (right next door to Weekender House), which have added new energy and excitement to the West End!


Thank you, Weekender House team, for sharing your upcoming event with us! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!



2nd Annual LEE Loves Local Week at Weekender House!