There’s someone who lives and works on the seacoast whom I consider a genius. Maybe we should call her a “Jane-ius” because, as some of you may have guessed, the person I am referring to is the one and only Jane Gee. Since she and her daughter Sophie started their well-being and lifestyle shop eight years ago, I have popped in multiple times to smell the hand-made soaps, dab on mineral-rich lotions, and feel relaxed because of the beautiful space they created.


Time and again, I spend time with Jane and am always fascinated with the wealth of knowledge she has and shares with our community. My eyes widen with every sentence she speaks and I am inspired by Jane’s sincere passion for her work.

Naturally, when the opportunity came to experience a “Beginning with Jane” consultation, I jumped at the chance. A “Beginning with Jane” session is designed for an individual to meet with Jane, personally, so she can learn about and study your skin. During our initial conversation, we talked about my personal routine, habits, and skin history. Jane then tested some products on my skin and discussed her approach towards finding the best ingredients for my face.


Following our discussion in Jane’s office, we headed to the next room to experience a facial, an hour-long relaxing experience included with the “Beginning with Jane” service. A head massage, a seaweed mask, and aaahhh… I was in heaven!

With my face glowing, I left janegee feeling re-charged, refreshed, and confident about the products that were used on my face. I was feeling so wonderful that I purchased a few mini-boxes of Sugarfina sweets and nibbled them on my way out, as I strolled along the streets of Portsmouth with a radiant smile… and skin!