It was a picturesque June afternoon when we checked into the seacoast’s newest boutique inn in New Castle, New Hampshire. The front gardens were in full bloom, sailboats bobbed along the Piscataqua River, and the sun cast the most beautiful shadows on yellow umbrellas on the inn’s outdoor patio. Strollers-by enjoyed the short walk to and from New Castle Beach, bicyclers coasted along the back roads of town, and neighbors smiled at each other at the Post Office on Main Street. The scene was set for a beautiful stay on the charming island of New Castle…


Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Doug Palardy, co-owner and visionary behind the Great Island Inn – a six-room, apartment-style lodging experience. Our room was spacious and cozy, with the perfect hint of “nautical-chic” décor. Like every other room at the inn, ours was equipped with a full kitchen, laundry facilities, a heated bathroom floor, and (my favorite) Malin & Goetz bath products! The fluffy bed was the perfect welcome after a busy day, and casually flipping through the Surf Shack book made us feel like we were truly on an New England vacation.

The idea behind the Great Island Inn is to stay for a week, but we like the idea of moving in forever…

The location of the inn, situated in the heart of New Castle (New Hampshire’s smallest town!), is pretty dreamy. Surrounded by historic homes and perfectly manicured lawns, New Castle offers a quiet, small town charm and an oh-so relaxing environment. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away are the bustling areas of downtown Portsmouth, Kittery, and other coastal towns bursting with incredible food, shopping, activities, and entertainment. Portsmouth is also the home to the previous hotels Doug and Dan creates – The Hotel Portsmouth and the Ale House Inn!


(We couldn’t part with our new favorite Kat Black charcoal whitening toothpaste from Southern Maine Skin Company for even one night)!

The inn is open year-round, so if you’re welcoming guests for the holidays, you might want to consider putting them up at this quaint getaway, and possibly inviting yourself over for a time or two!

Thank you Doug (and Dan) for a wonderful stay. Here’s to a summer full of happy guests!