When she isn’t tending bar at BRGR Bar, coordinating the next seacoast Rising Tide Society event, or spending time with her hubby, Nicole Mower can be found pursuing her work and passion — planning weddings and events!

This hardworking, driven, friendly, and design-savvy wedding planner shares the story of how her business, Nicole Mower Weddings and Events, began…


When did you first become “engaged” in the wedding industry?

I’ve been in the hospitality industry since I was 14, when I worked in restaurants and catered events. After graduating college, I decided that events was the avenue I wanted to pursue, so I became a sales and events coordinator for Exeter Events and Tents. I worked there for three years, while bartending weddings on the side. I realized my passion was in weddings — particularly at locations with logistical challenges — barns, tents, and industrial warehouses. They are essentially blank slates that can be built from the ground up, meaning each event can reflect a different style for each couple.


How old is your business and why did you decide to start one of your own? 

I started my business in 2012, while working another full-time job. In June of 2015, I took the leap to make Nicole Mower Weddings and Events (NMWE) my full-time career.

Have you always lived on the seacoast? What do you love so much about it here?

I grew up in Manchester and moved to the seacoast with my husband in 2010. I completely fell in love. I love the sense of community the seacoast offers. Residents appreciate the towns they live in and work hard to take care of them.


What is your favorite part about running your own wedding and event company? 

My favorite part about running NMWE is actually the business side of it! I love continuously learning and being challenged. I enjoy being surrounded by people and meeting other vendors and individuals who are hardworking, genuine, and inspiring. I also love when I get to partner with the perfect couple. Making people happy and helping them create beautiful memories never gets old.

Do you have a favorite wedding venue?

Yes and no. My favorite locations are usually the ones I’ve never been to before — private residences, secret gardens, etc.; new locations that allow for large gatherings are always the ones I am most excited about and constantly seek.


Is there a wedding that went so beautifully is has become one of your favorites? 

December 3rd, Hardy Farm, Fryeburg, Maine. The couple was phenomenal! They were such sweet people who completely adored each other, and were getting married for all the right reasons. They hired me to design and plan their wedding and took all of my vendor recommendations, which was incredible! They also completely trusted my vision and let me run with it. This was the first wedding in which I was able to do a room reveal for the couple before anyone else saw it. It was so special. I want to do that again and again.

What makes you different than other wedding planners?

I think we’re all different, but what sets me apart, maybe, is the fact that I’m crazy analytical, ask way too many questions, and I love numbers. I like logistics, organization, making plans, and orchestration. I appreciate beautiful things, of course, but I want my weddings to be beautiful and professionally executed. I want the couple and their guests to enjoy every moment, feel like the event was seamless, and leave remembering all the fun they had.


*Nicole works with some pretty outstanding photographers! The ones in this article come from local talent including…

Chattman Photography

Garone Photography

Jess Jolin Photography

The Maine Tinker