Have you been to Amy Dutton’s home design shop in Kittery? If you haven’t, I would highly recommend stopping by. Amy and her assistant, Kate, are so nice and the store is pretty darn cute;). If you fancy checking out Amy’s style from the comfort of your own home, it’s your lucky day!! The team just launched an online shop just one click away…. Check it out here!


Amy is sharing some tips for re-vamping our homes for the winter…take it away, Amy!

Honestly, winter is long and cold! No epiphany there! But there is a certain realization that with shorter days, icy/ snowy conditions, freezing temperatures and gusting winds – it’s preferable to stay at home instead of going out. That means that you spend most of your time indoors, upfront and personal with your space – like it or not. So, you might as well like it!


Here are a few pointers on making your space peaceful, balanced and cozy during the winter…

Put Away Holiday:

Well… I actually like keeping my outdoor lights up because there is nothing so beautiful in the snow as white lights, but turn them off come March.

Spring Clean Now:

Why? Because who wants to spring clean when it’s beautiful outside? This is the time of year that the dust balls and clutter get to you; so remove it (remember, the garbage man comes during the winter as well as the spring). You have the time and could probably use the space.


Buy One New Thing:

Something new always makes you feel good. With the abundance of online shops you don’t even have to leave the house.  It can be as simple as a vase and as large as a rug. Just make sure that you love it.

(Click photos for links to Amy Dutton’s online shop!)

Express Yourself:

But what to buy? You need to know your taste and what you think would make the best new addition. Pinterest is an amazing resource and I encourage my clients to share their boards with me. When I look at them, I can quickly see a “theme” of what they like – you will too.  Don’t get stuck on the little details, stay broad and you will see some consistencies such as: paint colors, types of rugs, types of window treatments, materials to use and lighting style. Remember, stay realistic! If you are not going to do a big construction project, you are probably talking about “decorating” so stay feasible as you are looking for your individual expression.


Create Vignettes:

A vignette is a grouping of pieces to make one cohesive piece within a space. Each room should have a few vignettes and those should balance each other out gracefully with a continuous color or balance size/ shape within your overall space. Each vignette should incorporate the 4 elements: fire, water, air and earth. Here is a blog that I did a while ago that explains this a bit more. Not everything should be at the same height, keep the eye moving around the room and up and down as it travels from vignette to vignette.  A typical vignette would include: artwork, lamp, chair, side table, a plant and a candle with some feathers in a vase. Invite vibrancy and life into your space!


Multi-functional Pieces: 

If you have a small space, I am confident that you will be able to fit exactly what you need into the space as long as furniture is scaled properly and you have pieces that are lightweight and multi-functional. Can you find side tables that can double as ottomans or seating? (Hint: I do sell some in the shop).


Nothing says “fresh” like paint. Selecting paint color can be torture for some people and quick for others.  Get samples of your favorite two colors, cut them in half and put them on opposite walls for a few days. See how the sun moves around the room and impacts the color in your space. Remember, when you paint your room – take this as an opportunity to “Spring Clean”!

(At Seacoast Lately, we love local, organic paint company, Quiet Home Paints!)


Winter is a great time to get your house projects done and feel good about your space. Having the interiors look and feel good through the winter will not only help your frame of mind, but allow you to enjoy outdoor projects come spring!

I encourage you to be easy on yourself and find balance in your life. There is no doubt that where we live and how we experience our surroundings has a huge impact on our mental state and level of happiness. Cherish and love your surroundings!


Thank you, Amy for sharing your expertise!



*All photos c/o Seacoast Lately and Amy Dutton Home.