Row 34 made Portsmouth, New Hampshire its second home this past summer and I’m overjoyed! First of all, the fact that a renowned Boston restaurant sought out our little coastal town is a huge honor. Secondly, this place is truly incredible…from chef Jeremy Seawall’s exquisite food, paired with the restaurant’s extensive (and beautifully curated) local beer list, to the sleek, modern interiors that make you feel like you’re in a metropolitan city!


I have lived in the seacoast my entire life and one of my favorite aspects about this area is the historic architecture. With a growing city (which I’m all about), I think Row 34’s contemporary flare is a perfect new addition to the seacoast. It adds a minimalist edge, yet maintains a local feel and a coastal New England vibe. What more can you ask for? Impeccable customer service? You got it! Each time I’ve visited Row 34, I’ve noticed how friendly and accommodating the staff is here… a true sign of a company who treats its employees well! (Another thing I’m all about).


What is my favorite item on the menu, you ask? I am a huge fan of the grilled bluefish and soft serve vanilla ice cream with fresh berries. And I’ll let you in on a little secret… on my second visit to Row 34 this past summer, I tried my very first oyster! It was fried, wrapped in a leaf of lettuce, and absolutely divine!


Chef Jeremy Sewall has earned extremely high accolades for his seafood and culinary expertise, and is a prominent chef here in New England! He co-owns Portsmouth’s Row 34, as well as the original Row 34 location in Boston’s happening Fort Point neighborhood. Sewall has collaborated with the gang behind Island Creek Oysters (Duxbury, MA), Island Creek Oyster Bar (Boston, MA), Lineage (Cambridge, MA), and Eastern Standard (Boston, MA). He also co-wrote a cookbook called, The New England Kitchen, in case you want to get it for my birthday, wink wink ;).


So, have you tried Row 34? What is your favorite item on the menu??



*Photos c/o Row 34.