This week we’re featuring a true destination when it comes to Portsmouth NH shopping—janegee!

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Jane Gee is a Melbourne, Australia native and has been in the natural skincare industry for over 30 years. Jane first happened upon this line of work after being complimented on her amazing skin while getting a lash tint in her early 20’s. Without knowing much about skincare and makeup, Jane applied for a program of intensive training at Ella Eache—Australia’s renowned college of skin and beauty. During her schooling and apprenticeships, Jane learned about aromatherapy, herbals, and Chinese medicine. It was during this time that she developed a deep, heartfelt passion for skincare natural products. Her hard work, drive, and expertise allowed her to share her knowledge across Australia and Europe before settling down in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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While living on the Seacoast, Jane was making products for friends and clients who had varieties of unhappy skin. The demand was growing. Jane then decided to open the downtown shop we know and love in 2007. When Jane started hand-making her own products, she was told it would be impossible to make 100% all-natural products. Jane proved the world wrong by developing a natural, chemical-free way to preserve her products. For over a year now, all janegee skincare products are indeed 100% all natural. Impressive! Jane and her daughter Sophie take the time and energy to source the highest quality products from around the world. They go the extra mile because they care. We can certainly tell.

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janegee not only offers skincare products, but also beautiful items for the home, including clothing and provisions. When buying items for the shop, the janegee team keep its brand in mind by carrying organic, natural, healthy, beautiful products that give back in some way. A frequent customer compares being in the shop to receiving a hug—like being in a cozy space where everyone is considered family.

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In the back portion of the shop, janegee provides spa services such as facials and pedicures. All-natural janegee products and essential oils are used in treatments to help individuals detoxify and return to their healthy, natural state.

janegee is a truly wonderful, ‘do-good’ business and I’m so happy they chose to open their Portsmouth NH shop. Aren’t you?

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